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True Elastic Cloud Infrastructure That Scales As You Scale

✓ Built for optimal WordPress Performance
✓ Auto-scaling cloud servers technology
✓ US & UK datacenters, CDN & Google-based DNS

Auto-Scaling Servers

As much processing power, memory, and bandwidth your site needs for top performance under load.

Load Balancing

Innovative load distribution technology that ensures rock-solid 99% uptime for your site.

Optimized PHP

Customized PHP that works with auto-scaling servers to help your site stay blazing fast under load.

Integrated CDN

With 20+ POPs, your users will experience the same great speeds regardless of their location.

Google-Based DNS

Because when it comes to speed. No one has figured out DNS resolution better than Google.

Enterprise Scale Hardware

Dual 12-core processors, 100% SSD storage IPV6/HTTP2 support we only use top hardware for your site.


US & UK Based

Auto-Scaling Cloud Servers

With traditional hosting, your website is hosted on a single server. This means limited resources. If you or one of your neighbors gets busy, it can affect your performance as well. In some cases, your server may go down under load, resulting in your site going offline.

With WP Buzz, your website is not limited to a single server. If your website gets busy, it can access multiple servers at the same time using the ai powered auto-scaling technology.

As much power, memory, and bandwidth your site needs to stay fast under the load.


Innovative Load Balancing

Load balancing is utilized by other companies. But it’s not the kind we have designed. Theirs is a disaster recovery solution. If one of your servers goes down, your site will be relocated to another.

Ours, on the other hand, is of a higher caliber. AI monitors in our global load balancing system respond to traffic demand and balance it across multiple servers as required. As a result, regardless of the amount of traffic on the servers, your site will stay up and running.

Additionally, If one website starts receiving large amounts of requests it is automatically isolated and requests are then handled by dedicated web servers designed for the period of high loads.


Ultra Fast

Optimized PHP

PHP plays a critical role in site speed. Old school hosts limited by their infrastructure, use ‘off-the-shelf products. The main issue with these “off-the-shelf” items is that they are challenging to scale.

Our programmers have optimized PHP-FPM and OPcache to ensure that your website has all the required resources, even when it is extremely busy. Since CloudLinux does not restrict us, we do not need to limit memory, cores, bandwidth, and processes.

Your website stays responsive no matter how busy it becomes.

Faster Worldwide

Integrated Global CDN

Unlike free CDNs, our CDN works in harmony with our speed-obsessive WordPress hosting architecture to deliver the fastest experience for your users throughout the globe.

This is something traditional CDN companies that do not offer hosting services cannot provide.

Our CDN makes use of the same internet exchange points (neutral data centers) used by AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and many other leading tech companies.

Whatever your business or project, you’ll get enterprise-level connectivity and the fastest page speed.

North AmericaEuropeAsia & OceanaAfrica
AshburnAmsterdamHong KongJohannesburg
Dallas MadridSingaporeS America
Los AngelesFrankfurtSydneySao Paulo
New York Moscow

WP Buzz CDN Vs Cloudflare

WP Buzz (free)Cloudflare (free)
Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Load Balancing
Code Optimization at edge
Image Optimization at edge
Unlimited Usage
Free Dedicated SSL Certs
PCI Compliance
Unlimited Blocking By Country
Harmonized Origin Servers
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The Undisputed

Google-Based DNS

DNS translates domain names to IP addresses. And when it comes to speed, no one has figured out the DNS resolution better than Google.

That’s why we only use reliable, resilient, low-latency Google-based DNS for your sites.

Enterprise Scale Hardware

100% SSD Storage

Storage plays a crucial role in your site speed. Many hosting companies don’t invest in SSD storage, or if they do, they use the cheapest available hardware. It’s so they can keep ‘sticker prices’ as low as possible. That’s not the case with us: we use cutting-edge Samsung Enterprise PM987 SSDs in our storage arrays to ensure premium performance.

Dual 12-core Processors

Each Dell web server has two Intel Xeon Scalable 12-core processors with hyper-threading. This gives 48 logical cores per machine. These have access to plenty of fast memory: 64 GB 3200 MHz DDR4 RAM. This is a single server spec keep in mind that your site is not tied to a single server. It can access multiple servers using auto-scaling technology if required.

IPv6 and HTTP/2

Our hosting is built for the future. We support IPv6, which is the new standard for IP addresses. Our servers use HTTP/2 – a major revision of the HTTP network protocol – as standard. HTTP/2 means that browsers can request and receive more data than before. It results in faster websites, happier users, and improved search rankings.

Real Reviews By Honest People Like You

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Rated Excellent On Trustpilot.

I had been using TSO Host for my websites and when tested they scored F on GT Metrix. Migrating to WP Buzz and removing plugins that weren’t needed got me an A score! You can get rid of plugins such as ShortPixel and WP Rocket, that functionality is baked in.

Mark D, AppSumo

Prior to hosting on WPBuzz, I was using a VPS. It was slow and unresponsive. The provider kept blaming the number of plugins being used. What an amazing surprise when after porting the site over to WP Buzz, the performance was radically better.

Roman S, Trustpilot

My sites all score really, really high on various page speed tests. And, I don’t need a host of plugins to accomplish it. The hosting package cooks in speed optimization, edge caching, CDN, auto-scaling, security, and backups. And so far my sites have experienced rock-solid uptime.

Lorne H, Trustpilot

I didn’t expect much, just a fair price. Was very surprised when the first site got a better Page Speed grade. Then started migrating some “trouble” WordPress sites I have, and got also better grades. I can tell I host sites everywhere since 1998 and never had such good support. Really.

Dona F, Trustpilot

WP Buzz has insanely fast WordPress hosting and their support team is passionate about helping customers. I had never in my 20 years of tech experience had support tickets answered and resolved so quickly.

Brad W, Trustpilot

Excellent customer service! I host websites over many different hosting providers and none of them offer such a great level of tech support! My latest issue was resolved in around 10 minutes from the submission of ticket! And out of office hours!

Dave K, Trustpilot

What Is The Difference Between Auto-Scaling Servers And Load Balancing?

Both autoscaling and load balancing have the same effect: to speed up your website by ensuring that it can handle high-traffic loads.

Autoscaling ensures that when your website gets busy, it has access to as much processing power, memory and bandwidth as it needs, so it doesn’t slow down. A single site can access the power of many servers.

Load balancing on the other hand does two things. It stops other busy websites on our infrastructure from affecting yours by balancing the traffic load between multiple servers. It also works as a safety measure: in the unlikely event of a single server failure, it can ensure that your site stays online by rerouting the traffic to multiple servers.

Why Should I Give You An Opportunity To Host My Site?

You can host your WP site on any hosting. But if you decide to choose WP Buzz Premium WordPress hosting. Your site performance will be better. Why? because our hosting is exclusively built and optimized for WordPress using the most optimal stack engineered for speed and security.

WordPress comes pre-installed saving you time and hassle. Better performance, and easy management with mobile and tablet-optimized control panel coupled with update service which will automatically update your installation to the latest version and patches as soon as they are available to prevent your site from being vulnerable to bugs or exploits. The icing on the top, you will have a great team of passionate WP experts at hand to support you.

Are you faster than your competitors?

We have had people experience significant performance improvements after migrating to WP Buzz from various hosting providers.

This includes TSO Host, Siteground, 34SP, Dreamhost, Go Daddy, Green Geeks, Bluehost, Cloudways, Namecheap, Heart Internet, Fast hosts, WP Engine, 1 and 1 Ionos, Inmotion Hosting, Krystal Hosting, Lightning Base and dozen other smaller hosts.

We are so confident about our hosting that we host our site on the same servers as our users and display our performance report in public here. Now how many companies out there do that?

Do You Use cPanel?

No, we do not use cPanel. cPanel has a lot of limitations. It is mostly used for single-server management.

It does not support cutting-edge features like auto-scaling cloud servers, WordPress staging, Google-based DNS, CDN integration, speed optimization, redundant web servers, built-in replication, and failover, built-in DDoS protection, WAF (web application firewall), isolated web, MySQL, FTP Storage, etc, etc

You can see our control panel vs cPanel comparison table here.

Let’s Do This!

✓Simple honest transparent pricing ✓No hidden charges ✓No contract cancel anytime ✓ 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee ✓Renewal price lock

Go Buzz

$14 $9 /mo

(Or $8.25/mo if paid annually)

Perfect for startups. Host 1 WordPress install on our US or UK data centers.

Pro Buzz

$39 $19 /mo

(Or $12.41/mo if paid annually)

Perfect for pros. Host 50 WordPress installs on our US or UK data centers.

Included In All Plans

Unlimited SSD Space

Unlimited Bandwidth

Free Global CDN

WordPress Staging

Daily Backups

Free SSL Certificates

Unlimited email

Free Migrations


Speed Obsessive Platform

NGINX-powered Edge Cache Engine

Auto-scaling Cloud Servers

No LVE Limits

One-click Speed Optimization

Integrated Global CDN

WordPress Tools


WordPress Staging/Cloning

Integrated Git Version Control

Website Migration Center

Control Panel Optimized for Desktop, Tablet and Phone

Green Hosting Powered by 100% Renewable Energy


99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Daily Automatic Backups

On Demand Backups

Online File Manager

Access, Error & Bandwidth Logs

Scheduled Tasks (Cron)

Unlimited FTP/SFTP Access

Unlimited FTP/SFTP Accounts

FTP Security Lock

Directory Indexing

Multiple Domain Mappings

Sitemap Generator

Maintenance Mode

Auto Diagnostics

One-Click G-Suite Setup


Web Application Firewall

1 Tbps+ DDoS Protection

Brute Force Login Protection

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Automatic Malware Scans

On-Demand Malware Scans

Free Wildcard SSL certificates

File Permissions Checker

Hotlink Protection

Website Password Manager

Block visitors by IP or Country

PCI-DSS Compliant Servers

CCTV and Firewalls

Database & Scripting

1GB MySQL Database Per Install

PHP 8, 8.1, 8.2

PHP 7, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4

PHP Version Switcher


Popular Modules – PDO, SOAP, MBString, Mcrypt, XML

Perl & Python

GD & ImageMagick

ionCube Loader


Unlimited 10GB Mailboxes




Anti-virus Protection Protection

Anti-spam Protection

Mailbox Auto-discover Support

DKIM Email Authentication

Catch-all Address Support

Email Migrations

Email Subaddressing (Plus Addressing)

Data Center & Account

Secure UK and US Data Centers

Load Balanced and Redundant

Samsung SSD Webspace

Google-Based DNS Servers

IPv6 Support


40 Gbit/s Network with Multiple Internet Connections

Redundant Power Supplies, UPS and Generators

24 × 7 × 365 Onsite Technicians

Instant Account Activation

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Our Pledge To You

Good Honest Fast


The Green Goodness

Our hosting is powered by 100% renewable energy. Autoscaling technology only uses the resources it needs, so no energy is wasted. Remote culture means a low carbon footprint. That’s great news for you and the environment.


Bee Honest Brand

At WP Buzz our philosophy is trust, honesty, integrity, compassion, and empathy in business. This means no false claims, no contract lock-ins, no price anchoring, no persuasion tricks, and no fake discounts to rip you off later.


Walk The Talk

Every company claims speed, right? Well, here at WP Buzz we don’t just claim Speed. We walk the talk by hosting our site on the same servers as our users. And let you test our speed. Now how many hosts out there would do that?

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